Dear Mentor:

My grades were not so good; what are my options?

I am a commerce (economics, accounting and business management being compulsory subjects) graduate from India. Since I got married immediately after my graduation, I was unable to pursue higher studies. I would like to do it now. My graduation score is not very good to be honest (had some problems which cannot be explained). I am based in the US now. I would like to know the different options I have for higher education.

Looking for Options, New Jersey, USA

Dear Looking for Options:

You can pursue graduate studies in any business-related area - such as MBA or Master's in finance, accounting, marketing, and so on - or you can pursue a Master's in computer science. Given that your Bachelor's degree is of 3-year duration, most schools in the US are unlikely to consider that as an adequate qualification for entering a Master's program. However, they can advise you for remedial options.

The admission criteria include many elements, such as: academic performance, performance on the standardized entrance exam such as the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Exam), letters of recommendations, work experience, personal essays or statement of purpose, and so on. Your self-confessed poor academic performance would make obtaining admission difficult. You may wish to contact the college of interest directly to seek guidance.

You will be well advised to read the iMahal Authoritative Guide for Studying in America and Canada.

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