Dear Mentor:

With H4, can I work or become a student?

I'm 24 years old. I have done PGDBM [Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management] in HRM [Human Resources Management] from Delhi, India. I've all basic knowledge of computers too. I have been in Washington for last two years. I would appreciate if you can tell me that if I could work here as of now. I am on the H4 visa with my husband who has the H1B. I've heard that after completing one year on the H4 with a person who is here on the H1B, the person on the H4 is allowed to work. Also, I would like you to guide me for some good courses that can be completed within one year, like CPA [Certified Public Accountant], although of course my first priority is to work than study.

H4 to Work, Washington, USA

Dear H4 to Work:

We are not immigration attorneys. It is our understanding that you can not gain employment or undertake studies on the H4 dependent visa. One-year stay in the US has no implications on the restrictions on the visa.

The rules do permit you to convert the H4 to F1 for studies, and the H4 to H1B for employment. You are obviously expected to meet the requirement for the respective visa. We have written many articles in the past on this topic. Just type in H1 in the iMahal Search Box, and click Search. You may also wish to try the search for F1.

We do not have full understanding of your educational background. Regardless, we are not aware of meaningful 1-year programs. A certification like the CPA (Chartered Public Accountant) requires the completion of requisite number of credits in accounting at the college and university level.

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