Dear Mentor:

How do I return to the US for studies after my brief prior visit?

I read all Dear Mentor: Archives. I have found many answers. The answers about community colleges were very helpful. Last year I was accepted to university in the US to pursue chemistry but due to the attacks in September, my family wanted me back. They refused to sponsor me for my studies in USA. I had to come back in a month and work. Now I found a sponsor and I'm going to study next fall in community college in computer science. But the problem is that I don't know if the US consulate in my country will offer me visa again, because first time I went to USA I came back in a month. Now I'm applying again for a new college and for a new degree. The US consulate might think that I'm not a serious person. How can I prove that I came back shortly after I left my home country? Else they might think that I was in USA without any intentions of studying. I don't want to miss a great chance for studying in the USA, because next time I won't be able to find a sponsor. Thank you for your passion and thank you that you help many students.

Visa Worrier, Russia

Dear Visa Worrier:

First of all, we would like to thank you for your kind words. We would also like to thank you for researching the information through iMahal and the Dear Mentor: Archives, before sending your inquiry to us.

Your concern about the US consulate in your country may be somewhat exaggerated. The US immigration officials wish to ensure: you intend to be in the US for the purposes stated; you have adequate financial resources for your stay in the US; and you do not have a dodgy background. Whether you are a serious student is not their concern; all they want to be sure of is that you really are a student. Being a serious student is more an issue for the school you plan to attend.

Just be truthful and have all the necessary documents. Just tell the US officials the same story as you told us and you will be fine, provided you meet all the requirements. Good luck!

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