Dear Mentor:

Should I study in Germany or in the US?

Hello ! I urgently need your advice. I have an opportunity to study in USA and in Germany.I have relatives in Germany,that's why I want to study there. But my brother says that German Universities are not the best choice and its diplomas are not respectable in other countries.HE insists me to study in USA. But I am not sure what I want. Is it really so bad to study in Germany? Because I really respect my brotehr's opinion and I don't know what to do:to study in community college in USA or study in University in Germany.

Need Answer Now, Nepal

Dear Need Answer Now:

First of all, take a deep breath, calm down and think through the situation rationally!

Let us deal with some terminology before can begin addressing specific issues raised by you. A community college in the US has a very specific meaning. A community college typically offers programs that are either vocational in nature or are to be used as a stepping stone for a Bachelor's degree. Effectively, a community college offers a pre-Bachelor's degree education. A university on the other hand - whether in the US or in Germany - offers Bachelor's degree education or higher. So you are trying to compare two inconsistent choices: a community college in the US and a university in Germany.

While it is true that some of the finest educational institutions exist in the US, not all US universities are of same caliber. In other words, it depends on the reputation of a specific school as to how it compares to another school in the same or different country. We are confident that some schools in Germany are better than some schools in the US, and vice-versa.

Education is a means to and end, and not an end unto itself. Whether you should go to a university in Germany or a community college in the US depends on your ambitions, goals, and interests. Other factors obviously include whether you can get admission into these "better colleges" and whether you can finance your studies. Life is an on-going balance between what you can get versus what you want.

You may wish to refer to the iMahal Guide on Higher Education for Studying in America and Canada.

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