Dear Mentor:

From HK to US, will high school transfer be a problem?

My daughter studies in an English international school in Hong Kong. I am interested in sending her to the States to continue her high school education. Since there would be a change in the education system - from British to the US - would it be a disadvantage for her in term of credits collecting if she is joining high school in Grade 11? Will it affect her university choice?

British vs American, Hong Kong

Dear British vs American:

We do not foresee any issues with your daughter's ability to perform in the US education system at Grade 11, despite your her background in the British system. There should also not be any challenges in pursuing university education in the US after completing Grades 11 and 12 in the US.

Her choices for university education in the US would in fact be more aligned with her background, and not less. Depending on your daughter's past academic performance, she would likely fare well in the US because the British system of school education is quite good. She would also receive more intimate counseling at the American schools for college/university education.

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