Dear Mentor:

Do I need the GRE Subject Test for a PhD in IT?

I have done BE in Printing Technology and done Master's in Information Technology. Along with this, I have also done a Diploma in Software from a private institute. Based on the above qualifications, would I be able to make it for PhD? I have a GRE [Graduate Record Exam] score of 2110 and I am going write TOEFL in this July. Is it required to take the GRE Subject Test for applying to computer science or IT related fields for PhD. Will my qualification and my GRE General do for this? I am aiming for a good university in US.

What's Enough, Bangalore, India

Dear What's Enough:

Typical admission requirements for the US include your academic qualifications and entrance exam score(s). You meet the requirements for a PhD in an IT-related area. The selection criteria go beyond these two elements and have been discussed is detail in iMahal's Authoritative Guide for Studying in America and Canada. The Guide also explains how to select target colleges, based on your past academic and work performance.

Your GRE score is good. Whether you are required to take a GRE Subject Tests depend strictly on the requirements unique to your prospective university. Some universities require the GRE Subject Test, and some do not. There is no universal answer to this question.

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