Dear Mentor:

How do I start an MBA now in London without any effort?

I just completed my degree from OU in India. But I want do MBA in London without the TOEFL [Test of English as a Foreign Language] or GMAT [Graduate Management Aptitude Test]. So, please suggest good colleges for me. I want to start in the February semester.

Shy of Effort, Aecunderabad, Andra Pradesh, India

Dear Shy of Effort:

Oh, so you want admission at a moment's notice without any effort for entrance exams. Is there anything else we can do for you Sir/Madam? How about having colleges send you offers of admission, as you think about it without taking any timely actions? Any other demands? While we are saying this tongue-in-cheek, we also wish to highlight your lack of research and understanding for something in which you claim you are interested. We hate to be the one to break it to you, you might - just might - have to put in some effort and work to get what you want. As the old Indian saying goes: Tea is only as sweet as the amount of sugar you put in it.

Let us offer you a primer to get started, with the hope that you would put in some effort, because the schools will not be sending you offers of admission any time soon. The iMahal guide for Studying in America and Canada is a good place to start. Although this guide focuses on America and Canada, the information and guidance contained therein is equally applicable to studies in the UK.

The admissions process for MBA, and for other programs as well, starts almost one year ahead of the start of the academic session. Admission for international students is typically considered for the Fall term only, starting in the August-September timeframe. This is particularly true for the MBA programs. Most good schools require the candidates to take entrance exam(s). The TOEFL, or a variant, is required not only for admission but also to demonstrate your proficiency in the English language to the immigration officials for the international student visa.

We write this column for those students and young professionals who wish to become successful, and do whatever it takes to achieve their ambitions. We are not particularly interested in advising those who wish to have success served to them on a platter, because it won't happen. You should first determine your goals, and do whatever is necessary - such as taking the GMAT and TOEFL. If you are interested in searching for colleges that do not require any entrance exam, we suggest that you do that research on your own.

Now let us comment on your written inquiry to us. The above inquiry has been edited by us for correctness and clarity in the English language. Your original inquiry reads as follows:

I just completed my degree from o.u in india.But i want do mba in london without toefl or gmat.So,Please suggest good college for me .
I want february semester.
Most MBA schools require the candidates to write essays on specific topics or a personal statement of purpose. These write-ups must be thoughtful, analytical, and clear. And they must have no errors in English. We hope that your inquiry to us does not reflect your writing skills in the English language, otherwise it will be an uphill battle for you, regardless of whether the TOEFL and GMAT are required.

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