Dear Mentor:

Can I get into a top MBA with only a 3-year degree?

I am a 20 year old Economics honours graduate from Delhi University, with an aggregate of 54.5%. My TOEFL [Test of English as a Foreign Language] score stands at 660. My family and I are migrating to Canada and expect to receive our landing papers early next year. I want to do an MBA from one of the top tier schools in the country. As I understand, a minimum of 2 years of work experience is essential in order to get into one of the better schools. What I want to know is whether I stand a chance of getting admission with a 3-year degree and my aggregate score? If I have to do an additional year to be considered a graduate, can I get credit for my degree? What kind of work experience should I aspire for?

Repeat Visitor, Noida, UP, India

Dear Repeat Visitor:

We have written numerous articles in the past on MBA admissions requirement and process, and how to improve your chances of success. Just type in MBA Admission in the iMahal Search box and click Search, and you will find many relevant articles. The requirements and process for both the US and Canada are very similar.

We have published an authoritative guide on Studying in America and Canada that addresses all aspects of higher education in these countries. We have addressed the issue of 3-year Bachelor's degree from India in this book.

Just so you know, we know that you have written to us earlier about the same issue, and we responded to your earlier inquiries. Please avoid asking the same question repeatedly. It takes us time and effort to prepare a thoughtful response, and our answer would not change to please you more just because you ask the same question over and over again.

You would most likely be required to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test), a standardized entrance exam. Your aggregate is merely reasonable. You may have to adjust your expectations, however. Do you think with this aggregate you can get admitted to a top-tier MBA program in India? We don't know what your answer would be, but we know ours: probably not. Top-tier MBA schools in Canada are no pushovers. If you can not get into top schools in your home country, what makes you think that you can do so in Canada?

Most top-tier schools expect, and do not often explicitly state, that the candidates have 3-5 years of work experience. The work experience should demonstrate success in progressively challenging assignments, leading to some kind of management responsibility.

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