Dear Mentor:

How do I increase the changes of a successful visa application?

Two of our friends got admission in college in the USA but you know sir they were rejected for the visa even having account of $65,000. They said that you don't deserve it. Their TOEFL and grade were good. So how could I do that as I said they reject Pakistani student without giving any solid reason? Actually I was really keen towards admission in the USA. I have taken computer-based TOEFL and my score is 200. I am sure you understand what I mean. I think my problem can be solved if the staff at the US embassy is told by the education minister that they should not reject students. If you have any solution for my problem please kindly let me about it. I shall be anxiously waiting for your answer. Thanks and regards Zeeshan khan

Concerned about Student Visa, Pakistan

Dear Concerned about Student Visa:

We appreciate your anxiety and concerns. The staff at the US embassy simply follows rules and procedures of the US government. Obviously, some judgment is involved when applying the rules, but the decision by the officials can not be appealed. One can however apply again at a later time.

iMahal has published a book on Studying in America and Canada. One chapter of the book is dedicated to obtaining the International Student Visa. You should read this chapter carefully to understand the visa game. Essentially, the staff at the US embassy wishes to ascertain that:

  1. You have a legitimate offer of admission into a full-time program of education
  2. You have adequate financing to sustain yourself through your stay in the US
  3. You intend to go to the US temporarily for the purpose of studies only, and you shall return to your home country upon graduation
  4. You are not lying and you do not have a dodgy background
The requirements laid out by the US government are not much different from those of other countries. They are not likely to change dramatically in the near future.

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