Dear Mentor:

How can I change H4 to H1 to study chemistry?

I reside in the US on a dependent visa. Want to pursue higher studies in Sciences. I have a Master's in Physical/Analytical Chemistry from India. How can I get admission here? What is financial aid that I can get? What is the pre-requisite for getting admission? What can I do about my visa status?

Four-to-One, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dear Four-to-One:

Being in the US on the H4 visa as a dependent of an H1 visa-holder prevents you from pursuing education or employment in the US. However, you can get your visa status changed from the H4 visa to the F1 visa for international students, provided you can obtain admission in a full-time program of studies and demonstrate your ability to sustain yourself financially during your stay in the US.

You will be considered an international student in the US. iMahal offers a comprehensive guide for Studying in America and Canada for international students. It answers all your questions.

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