Dear Mentor:

What are my options after a BCA?

What are the other options after doing a BCA [Bachelor of Computer Applications] except for MCA [Master of Computer Applications] and MBA in India. Please tell about the distant learning programmes also.

What after BCA, India

Dear What after BCA:

First, our focus at iMahal is on traditional learning, and not on correspondence or distance learning. We explain the reason in an earlier column: Do employers care if my degree was through distance learning?

Second, one can clearly opt for an MCA or MBA after a BCA degree. One can also pursue other computer-related degrees, such as MSc in Computer Science, Master's in Information Technology (MIT), etc. Other choices include non-science-related programs in commerce and arts, but one will most likely have to meet the criteria of having completed certain qualifying subjects.

We strongly encourage everybody to think carefully about career choices prior to entering a program - such as a BCA in your case - instead of waiting until after completing it.

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