Dear Mentor:

How should I proceed in my business education?

I am a Master's of Commerce in finance examinee and have a typical SSC, HSC, B.Com. educational background under the state run education system. I am not satisfied with my education to say the least and wish to further in my field. These are the options as far as I can figure out that can be useful for me. I will appreciate a precise information on how I should proceed and where to look for information.
  1. I should get a accounting/management diploma like CA / CMA.
  2. Get an OCP certificate or something of the sort from the IT education coaching.
  3. Get a well reputed MBA from abroad. Do I need some pre-MBA courses or other such training to better my chances for admission? By the way, what's my chance right now for an world standard MBA? Fat chance I guess. I have a GMAT score of 530 and TOEFL of 630.
  4. Should I consider changing my track entirely, or retaking the undergraduate education like BBA or other of the sort?
  5. What other graduate degrees can I consider relevant to my business related field?
All this may sound confusing, it because I am confused right now. Please help me!

Confusing Choices, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Confusing Choices:

We do not quite understand your fundamental issue with your current education when you say that you are "not satisfied." Is it because you can not find a good job? Is it because you feel that you have not or are not learning anything valuable? Is it because your performance is not good? And, so on.

You should keep the endgame in mind: what do you want to do when you finish your studies? Education is a path to your destination, and not a destination unto itself. Thus, your selection depends on the issues that you are trying to resolve (which we do not know) and your interests, ambitions, and goals (which also we do not know). Regardless, there is no one right answer for all; it is not a universal truth. You need to make your own decisions. We can, however, comment on the choices you have outlined.

We are not too keen on collecting diplomas or certificates to pad your portfolio with pieces of paper. Unless you are sure that you wish to pursue a particular career for which a degree qualification in not enough and that you need targeted, specialized training through a diploma, we would not recommend it.

Your GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) score is rather low. You are likely to get admission into a mediocre MBA program in the US or Canada. However, you will not get any financial aid for an MBA in the US or Canada. You may wish to refer to the iMahal guide on Studying in America and Canada for details.

Doing a BBA after a Master's in Finance does not make any sense. What would you do with a BBA? Do you want to do an MBA afterwards? But you do not need a BBA for an MBA. You already have the qualifications to enter an MBA program, provided you get accepted.

You can pursue education in any business program, in addition to MBA or finance. Your chances of admission depend on your past academic performance and performance on entrance exam(s).

You may want to reformulate your question. Instead to asking what you should study, you should ask what career you wish to pursue and therefore what education you need to do so.

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