Dear Mentor:

As a foreign student, where can I study medicine in India?

I am 20-year old boy from Afghanistan. I am living in Peshawar City, Pakistan. I am an Afghan refugee. I have passed intermediate HSSCE (Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination) from the Pakistani Education Board. Because my subjects were biological sciences, I want go to medical college in India. Please give me information about medical colleges in India and also if there are any seats for afghan refugees. Thanks.

Looking for Brighter Future, Peshawar, N.W.F.P., Pakistan

Dear Looking for Brighter Future:

You may wish to note that having taken biological sciences in high school, you are eligible not only for medical colleges but also for education in other fields such as engineering, commerce, science,s and humanities.

Indian colleges do admit foreign students, but the number of foreign students in Indian colleges is rather small. We are not aware of any special provisions being made for the Afghani students. You would have to communicate with individual colleges directly to learn their procedures. Some colleges even require Indian Government approval for foreign students.

You can find the List of Colleges in India in the iMahal Education Channel. The list of colleges is further divided into colleges in various fields; for example, you can find the List of Medical Colleges in India. You may wish to note that not many colleges in India have meaningful websites; so our list of colleges is somewhat limited.

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