Dear Mentor:

Do US universities recognize MCA as a BS if I want to do an MS?

I have two open options before me. I am doing my BSc (elec [?], physics and mathematics) right now. Do American universities recognize MCA as a graduation degree if i ever wanted to do an MS after my MCA [Master of Computer Applications]? Is an Msc in Physics helpful if I decide to do a post-graduate [called graduate in the US] degree in aerospace engineering?

Course Planner, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Dear Course Planner:

AN MCA from India is an acceptable level of education to enter a Master's program in the US. Obviously, the relevance of your prior education determines which programs you can pursue for the Master's degree.

Colleges in the US typically require, for a Master's program, education either in the same or related field. The definition of a related field is tricky, in that it depends on the judgment of prospective colleges. A degree in physics is related to aerospace engineering, but whether it is acceptable to your college of choice is something we can not comment on. You would have to communicate with the college directly.

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