Dear Mentor:

What are the prospects of industrial engineering in the US?

What are the prospects of Industrial Engineering in the States? I have done my mechanical engineering in the Jamshedpur REC [Regional Engineering College] and have quite decent background, score and recommendations. Secondly, is it late to apply now for summer session? I would be able to apply before 30th November in all the colleges of my choice.

Timing Admissions, Delhi, India

Dear Timing Admissions:

The prospects of Industrial Engineering in the US are good. Remember that the level of unemployment in the US is rather low, around 5% in the current economic downturn. So, the employment opportunities depend at least as much on your personal abilities as on a particular field. Good, qualified people in most fields are likely to find good opportunities at most times.

We are not sure about the summer session. Most students begin the program in the fall (August - September) term, because most beginning courses are offered at that time. Although the admissions for the fall session have already begun, the process will continue through the March - May timeframe, depending on the college-specific deadlines. You are not late; you have plenty of time. However, we do recommend that you apply sooner than later.

As you may know already, you are most likely required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). However, this requirement varies across colleges.

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