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Should I do MCA or MSc?

I am doing final year BCA [Bachelor of Computer Applications]. Apart from that I am also taking education under external computer institute for Java and all others [?]. I want to pursue a Master's degree. I am a bit confused about choosing my Master's as MSc [Master of Science] in IT [Information Technology] covers the same Java and all others, whereas the MCA [Master of Computer Applications] covers same things as in my BCA. So kindly guide me to choose any one out of those two mentioned, for both correspondence and regular programs.

MCA vs MSc, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Dear MCA vs MSc:

A Master's degree in any discipline covers the same topics as the Bachelor's in the same discipline, except that the topics may be fewer in number (with greater flexibility in course selection) with more depth in content. However, it is generally true that the first year of the MCA degree covers roughly the same content as the BCA. The reason for this is that students with a Bachelor's degree in any discipline can join the MCA and they, thus, need a rapid introduction to the fundamentals of computer applications. It is precisely for this reason that some, if not many, MCA programs allow graduates of BCA to skip the first year of MCA.

We suggest that you not make decisions on the basis of the title of the degree. Program contents vary across colleges for the same degree title. You should focus on understanding the course curriculum of various choices, be they for MCA or MSc in IT. Focus on the content of the program and then make decisions that are consistent with your ambitions, goals, and interest. Some students do the MCA and others do the MSc in IT. Obviously, there is not one universally right choice; thus we can not suggest which one is right for you. It is your decision, and yours alone.

Our focus at iMahal is on traditional degree programs. We do not focus on correspondence or distance education.

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