Dear Mentor:

As an average student, what are my chances of a good MBA?

I am a 3rd year student of Mechanical Engineering. I plan to take the GMAT [Graduate Management Aptitude Test] next year. I want to know my chances of getting admitted into a good (say, top 20-30 ranked) B-school [Business School] in the US. I am an average student with a 60+% average.

Aiming High, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Dear Aiming High:

We are pleased to see that you are planning ahead. We also appreciate your ambition of getting admitted into the top 20-30 B-schools in the US. But, we are somewhat amused by your inquiry.

First, you have already noted that you are planning to take the GMAT, a standardized entrance exam. You might want to assume - and you would be correct if you did - that your performance on the GMAT - an entrance exam - matters, just as your performance on any entrance exam would matter for any program in any country, including India. Since you do not know your performance on the entrance exam (GMAT), it is hardly appropriate to speculate on your chances for admission.

Second, you state yourself that you are an average student with some 60% score. Before we comment on your chances for admission, let us ask you the following question: What do you think your chances are for admission in top colleges in India for any program? We can only speculate what your answer might be, but we know what ours is: Probably not very good. And, that is our answer to your inquiry, based on the limited information available to us.

Top MBA schools in the US are not pushovers. They are some of the best in the world, not just in the US. Competition for admission is fierce, with high caliber candidates applying from all over the world. We are afraid that you would have to adjust your expectations.

You may wish to visit:

You may wish to use the iMahal College Finder in the iMahal Education Channel to play out the "what-if" scenario for your prospects of admission based on a hypothetical GMAT score. However, you must note that the iMahal College Finder assumes a similar demonstrated performance on other elements of the selection criteria, including your academic performance.

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