Dear Mentor:

What is required for my wife to get the F2 visa?

I have got admission for a PhD course in the US and hopefully will be going there on a F1 visa. What are the prerequisites if my wife wants to come along with me on a F2 visa?

F1 and F2, Bombay, India

Dear F1 and F2:

For those not familiar with the jargon. The F2 visa is issued to the dependent of the F1 visa holders. The F1 visa is a foreign student visa for the US.

The basic requirements for your wife to get the F2 visa are: proof that she is your dependent and that you have adequate financing to support her through your stay in the US. The typical documents required for obtaining a dependent visa (H4, L2, F2, M2, J2) are:

  • Completed visa application along with the applicable draft amount
  • Original and valid Passport
  • 2 recent color photographs, (2x2 inches or 5x5 cm) for each applicant showing full face, preferably without head covering, and with a light background. Always keep some extra photos with you.
  • Original marriage certificate
  • 4-5 marriage photographs. All the snaps must be very clear and easy to identify both the bride and the bridegroom. A few photographs around the agni ceremony are a must for Hindus.
  • Sample of each sides' marriage invitation card.
  • A copy of your spouse's H1 visa and passport. This is required for H4 visa only. If you are applying for F2, M2, or J2 visa, you are required to show your spouses I-20 form copy instead.
  • Demand draft for visa application in the amount of $45 or current equivalent in rupees, as determined by the Consulate. Currently it is Rs. 2160 per person.
  • Demand draft or cash for visa issuance in the amount of $75 or current equivalent in rupees, as determined by the Consulate. Currently it is Rs. 3600 per person.
For current visa rates, visit:

All payments should be in the form of demand draft, made payable to the American Consulate General, Mumbai or Delhi or Chennai or Calcutta, which ever is applicable.

You can demonstrate your ability to finance via personal funds or your assistantship. As you may know, each case is unique and the immigration officials may require additional documents depending on your situation.

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