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What counts towards the 16 years of education?

I am economics honors graduate from Delhi University. My family is migrating to Canada. I want to pursue my MBA, for which I need to complete 16 years of education. I understand that as a graduate I can receive about 2 years of credit, but in which degree courses can I get that credit, being an econ graduate.

Understanding Requirements, NOIDA, UP, India

Dear Understanding Requirements:

Let us first understand the "16-years of education" requirement for an MBA in Canada. The Bachelor's degree in Canada is of 4-year duration, after Grade 12 of high school. Canadian colleges require a Bachelor's degree that is equivalent to that in Canada; thus, the 16-year requirement. This requirement applies not only to an MBA, but also to Master's programs in all disciplines. Accordingly, unless you have a 4-year Bachelor's degree in India - such as an engineering degree - you are expected to have completed at least the first year of a Master's degree.

You will not get credit of 2 years for the 3-year education in India; you will get credit for all 3 years of your college education, for all Master's programs in Canada. It is just that you are one year short on the academic requirements for any Master's program.

You can either complete the first year of a Master's degree in India, or in case you move to Canada, you can contact your college of interest and they would suggest the courses you should take, prior to being admitted formally into a regular MBA program.

You can find the List of Business Colleges in Canada in the iMahal Education Channel.

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