Dear Mentor:

How do I turn my visit visa in India to a work visa?

I am working for a British company. We have a branch office at Chennai. I am here on a visit visa. The branch office has offered me a job. So how do I turn my visit visa to work? Should I go back to my country, or can I get it done here in Chennai?

Visit to Work, London, England

Dear Visit to Work:

We must note that we are not immigration attorneys. You would be well advised to retain an immigration attorney who knows the ins & outs of the bureaucratic process.

You would need a business visa (or work permit) to work in India. The Immigration & Visa Requirements are included in the iMahal Education Channel. We do not believe that you have to leave India to get the work visa, but you must not let your visitor visa expire. If processing the work visa in India takes longer that your authorization as a visitor, you must either get the visitor visa extended or leave the country.

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