Dear Mentor:

What is a respectable GRE score?

What is a respectable score in GRE [Graduate Record Exam]?

Respectable GRE, Columbia, ???, USA

Dear Respectable GRE:

Now that is a philosophical or rhetorical question!

What is "respectable?" Who determines what is "respectable" and for what purpose?

The GRE score is standardized; that is, every candidate's score is relative to other candidates. The GRE offers guidance on what each score means in percentile terms, meaning what percentage of candidates scored above and below your performance. You can choose the threshold of respectability yourself.

If the issue of respectability, on the other hand, relates to getting admitted to a college or university, the respectability is determined by how selective the school is. What may be considered respectable at a no-name school may not be considered respectable at a big-name school, for example.

The iMahal College Finder in the iMahal Education Channel can identify the colleges that best match your GRE performance; that is, the list of colleges that may find your score "respectable."

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