Dear Mentor:

Is a GMAT in January too late for application this year?

You have said that by December the applications should reach US Universities .I want to apply for the fall semester, but I can do my GMAT [Graduate Management Aptitude Test] only in January. Will that be too late for me to apply? Please help me out.

Late ot Not, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dear Late ot Not:

We have said, in the past, that international students will be well advised to apply by December for starting the studies in the US in the following Fall; see

As you can see from our earlier replies, the admissions process continues through the March-May timeframe, depending on individual colleges. You will not be late by taking the GMAT in January 2002 and applying for admission soon thereafter. You can also send your application before taking the GMAT; however, we do not advise you to do so. Once you know your GMAT score, you would be better able to target schools for a more successful outcome. With the GMAT scores in hand, you can use the iMahal College Finder to identify colleges that best match your performance and personal needs.

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