Dear Mentor:

How do India degrees correspond with US degrees?

I have done my degrees from India. I want to know how can I recognize whether they are equivalent to the USA degrees or not. Could you kindly let me know what are the basic qualifications for a teaching degree in USA?

Equivalent Teacher, UK

Dear Equivalent Teacher:

A Bachelor's degree in the US is of 4-year duration, beyond the Grade 12 of high school. Thus, a 3-year Bachelor's degree from India, such as a BA, BSc or BCom, is not considered equivalent to that in the US. However, a 4-year degree in engineering from India is considered equivalent to a Bachelor's in the US. The basic rule of thumb is that you have a US equivalent Bachelor's degree if you have completed at least 4 years of college or university education in degree-granting programs in India. Degrees from correspondence programs in India are not well respected in the US.

We do not quite understand the last bit of your question. The qualification for teaching degree is a degree in education. We suspect that you might be asking for the qualifications for a teaching license in the US. There are numerous ways obtaining such a license. You may wish to visit: I Already Have a Bachelor's Degree, How Can I Obtain a Teaching License?

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