Dear Mentor:

What colleges in Canada offer a BS in multimedia?

I have completed diploma in multimedia in Bangladesh. Now I wanted to do a Bachelor's degree in multimedia from any good university of Canada. Can you give me the names of some universities in Canada that offer bachelor of multimedia program?

Multimedia BS, Bangladesh

Dear Multimedia BS:

Multimedia is too narrow and specialized a field for a university degree program. Studying multimedia involves learning some very specific computer applications. A Bachelor's degree in any program is in fact very different. A Bachelor's degree provides you with fundamental knowlege, not necessarily just skills in using multimedia applications. As such, we know of no Canadian colleges that offer a Bachelor's degree in multimedia.

You may consider pursuing a Bachelor's degree in computer science. You will learn the fundamentals of computer programming, as well as the use of computer applications. The focus of these applications is not likely to be on multimedia; however, you may be able to do certain projects that would give you the freedom of using multimedia applications. The idea of a Bachelor's in computer science is that you would know enough about computer programming that you would be able to quickly learn and use any computer applications, including the multimedia applications.

You can find the List of Computer Science Colleges in Canada in the iMahal Education Channel.

You may also consider pursuing a degree in Art or Design, though we strongly encourage you to pick a college that also has much to offer in computer technology.

You can find the List of Humanities Colleges in Canada in the iMahal Education Channel.

Please note that virtually no financial aid is available to foreign students at the Bachelor's level. The total cost of education in Canada is Cad$15,000 to Can$30,000 per year. The Bachelor's degree is of 4 year duration.

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