Dear Mentor:

Where are part-time MS programs in computers?

I want to do part time MS in computers in California , Los Angeles. What are the prerequisits and which colleges are offereing part time MS in Computers. Also Iam BS computers graduate.

Degree in Computers, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dear Degree in Computers:

As far as we know, in all reputable US colleges, there is no such degree as a BS in computers. We will presume you meant to say that you have a BS in computer science or in computer engineering.

For the MS in computer science, you need a BS in any field and knowledge of the fundamentals of computer programming. For the MS in computer engineering, you need a BS in computer engineering or a related field. For either, you would be required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam).

You can find the List of Computer Science Colleges by State in the US and the List of Engineering Colleges by State in the US in the iMahal Education Channel. Most of the colleges offer part-time programs in computer science and computer engineering.

On a general note: CSU colleges (such as Northridge) would be the least expensive, while UC colleges (UCLA) will be more expensive, and private colleges (USC) will be the most expensive.

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