Dear Mentor:

With my scores, what are the chances of getting financial aid?

I hold a masters degree from BITS [Birla Institute of Technology and Science] in Pilani, India. I want to pursue my Master's in human resource management. My GPA [Grade Point Average] is 3.4 and my GRE [Graduate Record Exam] score is 2000. What are the chances of finding financial aid? Should i take the GRE again?

GRE vs Aid, Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Dear GRE vs Aid:

Your GPA is good and your GRE score is reasonable. You have only a small chance of securing financial aid. In your discipline there is little financial aid for graduate students, especially for international students.

A higher GRE score of course would make your prospects for financial aid better. You can certainly take the GRE again, but you must demonstrate a substantial improvement in the score. A nominal change upward will not help you and you must also keep in mind that your score can go down.

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