Dear Mentor:

Are there any graduate programs in computer networking?

I am planning to go to the US next year for higher studies. I want to graduate with a Master's in Computer Networking. When searching for colleges, I couldn't find any that provided an under-graduate degree in Computer Networking. Does such a degree even exist? If yes, then which colleges have it? If no, then in what subject area should I do my bachelor's degree - Computer science?

Computer Networking, Jubail, Eastern region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dear Computer Networking:

Computer networking falls within the area of computer engineering. We understand your struggle in finding colleges that offer a degree program in computer networking, because such a program does not ordinarily exist. The disciplines closest to this are computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering. Your interest in networking is most likely to be satisfied by programs in computer engineering or electrical engineering. Computer science is more focused on software than on hardware or networking, though there is some overlap.

You can refer to the List of Engineering Colleges in the US in the iMahal Education Channel. Most of these colleges offer programs in computer engineering and electrical engineering. At the Master's level, you have flexibility in specializing in computer networking after you complete the required core courses.

You may also find the iMahal College Finder helpful in identifying colleges that best match your performance and needs. You may wish to note that you would typically be required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). You can find Information on Entrance Exams in the iMahal Education Channel.

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