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Which MCA is better: Mumbai or Pune?

Can you please tell me that doing MCA from an institute - Informatics, which is a study center for MCA course from Andra Pradesh located in Bombay - is worth doing or is it better to do it from Mumbai or Pune University? Does it make a difference in the MCA if done from a university other than Mumbai, even if I am staying in Mumbai? Does it have a value?

Which is Better, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Dear Which is Better:

We wish to note a couple of items. First, we do not recommend any product or service as a matter of policy and practice. Second, we do not conduct college rankings. Conducting college rankings is a common practice in the US but it is not so common in India. We rely on and suggest independent sources for college rankings. We are not aware of any college ranking that would suggest a relative reputation and prestige of colleges mentioned by you; thus, we can not help you directly in your assessment.

Selectivity of a college - that is, how difficult it is to get admission - is a fair representation of a college's reputation and its quality of education. The quality of education does matter, and it matters a great deal when you are starting your career. You should make every effort to enter the most selective school, no matter where it is located. However, you must note that education in itself is valuable; it makes you more knowledgeable and skilled. An MCA degree is a valuable degree from anywhere, provided it is not from a school that is merely a degree-granting mill.

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