Dear Mentor:

Where are forums for international students lgoing to the US?

I should thank iMahal because it was very useful to look into the websites of American universities. I have taken the GRE [Graduate Record Exam] and scored 2030. I want to know if I could contact prospective students who like me are traveling to the US. Can you suggest some forums or links? I would really be grateful.

Prospective Student in America, Hyderabad, India

Dear Prospective Student in America:

We thank you for your kind remarks about iMahal. We also hope you would tell your friends about iMahal.

We are not aware of any forums or links that are set up for prospective international students in the US from India. However, we can suggest that the Indian Student Associations at colleges and universities in the US are a useful resource for prospective students from India. The iMahal Education Channel offers the List of Indian Students Association in the US.

Since you have already taken the GRE, a standardized entrance exam, you may find the iMahal College Finder particularly useful to identify colleges that best match your performance and needs.

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