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Which MBA programs in Canada focus on advertising?

I am an advertising student from India, doing my 15th year of education. As I am migrating with my family to Canada, I am interested in doing MBA in advertising there. I would like to know the following: a good institute for MBA in advertising; scope for MBA in advertising; work experience required; and, expected salary after completion of program.

MBA in Canada, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dear MBA in Canada:

The minimum education qualification for admission to an MBA in Canada is a Bachelor's degree equivalent to that in Canada. This means, a minimum of 4 years of college or university education, after Grade 12 of high school, in programs that lead to degree qualifications. It is not just the number of years of education, but also the type of education; for example, diploma programs from India do not count towards college education.

MBA programs are just that - Master of Business Administration - and they are not offered as MBAs in advertising. Typically, MBA programs allow - but do not require - you to specialize in certain areas, such as strategy, management information systems, operations, marketing communications, and so on. Advertising falls in the area of marketing communications.

The iMahal Education Channel offers the List of Business Schools in Canada and the Rankings of Business Schools in Canada. MBA schools typically do not explicitly require work experience but top-tier MBA schools prefer, or even expect, 2-5 years of work experience. You salary upon graduation depends on many variables: reputation and prestige of your business school, your performance, your prior background, and so on. Thus, your salary can range from Can$50,000 to Can$100,000+.

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