Dear Mentor:

What MS in the US am I qualified for?

I have completed my BSc [Bachelor of Science] in chemistry and I also have an MCA [Master of Computer Applications] degree. Can I do my MS in either chemistry or computers or is a four year degree in a particular field necessary?

Chemistry or CS, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dear Chemistry or CS:

The terminology and the nature of your inquiry suggest that you are referring to pursuing an MS program in the US.

While the treatment by various colleges in the US varies somewhat, we can address the typical admission requirements for the MS program. You are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree that is equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in the US to enter an MS program in the US. Since the Bachelor's degree program in the US is of 4-year duration, you are expected to have completed at least 4 years of college or university education in degree-granting programs.

An MS in chemistry or computer engineering requires a Bachelor's in chemistry or computer engineering, respectively, or related fields. On the face of it, it would seem that you would not qualify for an MS program in these disciplines. However, you do have the qualifications for an MS in computer science, which requires a Bachelor's degree in any field, provided you have the knowledge of fundamentals of computer programming.

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