Dear Mentor:

How can my daughter score better on standardized tests?

My daughter aged thirteen and a half is good in drawing and equally interested in Science and Mathematics. She is very clear in her mind that she would not study medicine though her mother is a Doctor. She wants to pursue Science or Engineering only. She is not able to score beyond 85% in these subjects, which is a must in order to obtain entry into her branch of interest. Please suggest how to help her prepare and present herself in her exams in order to score better marks.

Striving for the Best, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dear Striving for the Best:

How we wish we could offer you a magic wand!

Educational performance is based primarily on two elements: intrinsic intellect (genetic) and leveraging of the intrinsic intellect. We are all born with some level of intrinsic intellect and we have what we have; there is not much that one can do about it. It is on the application of the intrinsic intellect where one finds the opportunity to improve performance. This aspect is further split into the acquisition and application of the acquired knowledge.

The knowledge of the content and structure of exams is critical to performance well, as one can easily imagine. Beyond this, working hard, staying motivated, focused and disciplined, and practicing for the exam are the key to performing well. This can take the form of self-study in a disciplined fashion, coaching classes from a reputable school, or dedicated personal tutoring.

We recognize that you did not write to us to learn that working hard is the salvation for good performance for your daughter. We only wish that we could offer you some superior wisdom!

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