Dear Mentor:

How can I join my F1 husband in the US?

I had applied for a tourist visa in 1996 from Chennai to the US, which was refused on basis of 221g, Then from UK I had applied for a tourist visa, which was again refused as 21ab. Now my husband is in US with F1. Can ii join him with F4 in the year 2002? I am desperate to join him. Please let me know.

Any Which Way to US, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Dear Any Which Way to US:

We are not immigration lawyers. You will be well advised to contact or have your husband contact an immigration lawyer in the US.

Once a country refuses a visa application, subsequent applications for obtaining the visa become progressively more difficult. Your case is certainly challenging, since you have been refused twice. Without even looking in the laws, the prima facie case in your situation is that you desperately wish to enter the US, any which way possible. This appearance or perception would indeed be a challenge for you to overcome. A skilled US immigration lawyer can assist in your matter.

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