Dear Mentor:

What SAT scores do I need to get into any America university?

I want to know more about the SAT [Scholastic Aptitude Test]. Also, what scores do I need to make to be accepted into any America University, especially on courses related to Architecture and Accounting? I would also like to know how it applies to International students.

Investigating SAT, Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Investigating SAT:

The SAT, a standardized entrance exam, is a typical requirement in the US for admission into a Bachelor's program. This requirement of SAT applies to international students as well. You can learn more about the SAT in the Entrance Exam section of the iMahal Education Channel. iMahal also offers SAT Guru, an interactive word game, and Write Guru, an interactive writing practice workbook, for preparing for the SAT.

As in any other country, the performance expectations - including that on the SAT - vary across colleges, with top schools expecting very high performance from candidates. There is no set lowest SAT score for colleges in the US. The more relevant question for you is: Given your very own SAT scores, which colleges should you target for admission? For this, you can use the iMahal College Finder for identify colleges that best match your performance and personal needs.

One final note: You should separate your concerns about the SAT and about colleges. Concentrate on the SAT first and do the best you can. Then consider which colleges to apply to. Doing both at once will only keep you from doing your best on the SAT.

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