Dear Mentor:

Where are correspondence courses in international finance?

I have completed my MBA in finance and am currently employed. I wish to pursue higher studies in the area of Finance, preferably International Finance or Forex [Foreign Exchange} area. I wish to do it from a foreign university through correspondence course. Could you provide some details on this? Which universities are available and approximate cost that would be involved, and more so, the validity of any such course? Thank you. Will you be able to send a copy of your reply to my mailbox too?

Foreign Correspondence, Chennai, India

Dear Foreign Correspondence:

Our focus at iMahal is on tradition college or university education that leads to degree qualification. We do not focus on correspondence or distance learning programs, and certainly not on studies that do not lead to a degree qualification. We do not feel that employers consider correspondence or distance learning nearly as valuable as traditional education. Therefore, we can not offer you the information you have requested.

Just for your information: We reply to all inquiries we receive. You will get a response from us in your personal email box, at the address you have provided.

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