Dear Mentor:

Should I get an MS in IT or not?

I am currently doing my bachelor's degree in commerce [business] in India. I want to apply for an MIT [Master of Information Technology?] course in Australia from Latrobe University. Is it worth doing such course? Is there bright future in the IT sector? Are there job opportunities by pursuing this course? I am in a deep dilemma, so please advise me. Thank you.

IT or Not, Hyderabad, India

Dear IT or Not:

As you may know, Australia is not a country of focus for us at iMahal. In any case, we would not comment on a specific college as a matter of policy and practice which prohibits us from recommending any product or service.

We can, however, comment on education in information technology (IT). Despite the current economic downturn, the IT discipline remains strong and healthy for the long term. Markets go through ups and downs, in what is referred to as business cycles. The downs of business cycles are typically much shorter than the ups. As the markets rebound, and they will, people with IT backgrounds will once again find attractive employment opportunities.

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