Dear Mentor:

What is the best college for data security/encryption?

Best college for data security/encryption.

Security-Minded, Pakistan

Dear Security-Minded:

Well, your question is certainly cryptic: Colleges in which part of the world? At what level - Bachelor's or Master's or Doctoral?

Colleges seldom offer entire programs in data security/encryption. Data security/encryption courses are typically taught in one of two college departments: applied mathematics and computer science. These courses are included in the computer science programs - to a greater or lesser extent - depending on the level of education. At the graduate (Master's and Doctoral) level, one has a greater flexibility and choice of courses and thus more tailored and focused the specialization in a particular area of interest. Moreover, education at the graduate level also presents greater opportunity for research in the area of interest.

Effectively, you have limited exposure to data security/encryption at the Bachelor's level. You can better customize your program of studies at the graduate level to focus on data security/encryption. Most programs in computer science and computer engineering in most countries would include courses in data security/encryption.

One place to find links to college programs in data security/encryption can be found here:

You can also visit the iMahal Education Channel for a list of colleges and use the iMahal College Finder to identify colleges that best match your performance and needs.

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