Dear Mentor:

Is my background adequate for an MS in CS?

I have done my B.Sc. [Bachelor of Science] from the Mumbai University with 71% score. I have also done my PGDIT [Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Technology] from Manipal University in Karnataka with 69% score. I am interested in doing MS [Master of Science] in Computer Science. Please give me the full details on the MS admission. I will be highly obliged.

All About MS in CS, Gujarat, India

Dear All About MS in CS:

We are not quite sure if your have the requisite academic qualifications for an MS in computer science. The minimum entry requirement is 4 years of college/university education in programs that lead to degree qualification. As a result, unless your Bachelor's degree is of 4-year duration - such as in engineering - you are expected to have completed a Master's degree from India. Diplomas are typically not considered relevant to fulfilling the academic requirements.

Admission requirements vary somewhat across colleges. You should research the colleges of interest for college-specific requirements. You can find the List of Computer Science Colleges in the US in the iMahal Education Channel. You would be required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), a standardized entrance exam. You can find Information on Entrance Exams in the iMahal Education Channel. The iMahal Education Channel also offers the iMahal College Finder which finds colleges that best match your performance and needs.

Having identified target colleges, the process for applying is no different from that in India: Submit an application form and other required documents, and wait for an answer. Most colleges offer application forms and information on the admission process on their websites.

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