Dear Mentor:

Would you define success for my MBA application essay?

Define success, a question from the S.P. Jain Institute for Management and Research MBA application form.

Write Essay for Me, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Dear Write Essay for Me:

Asking candidates to write essays and opinions on various topics is a common practice for good MBA schools around the world. These schools also require that the candidates must write the essays on their own, without any outside help.

Essays offer the admissions officials an opportunity to: gain insight into your thinking, motivation, and contributions, as well as your goals; determine whether your interests and contributions go beyond the usual academic and work environments, such as extra-curricular activities, including volunteer and charitable contributions; assess your ability to lead and be led, and your response and success under favorable and unfavorable circumstances; and explore the potential contributions you can make to the learning of fellow students. In other words, your essays must demonstrate all of the above. They should demonstrate your analytical approach, clarity of thought, and precision in communication. They must demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual, who: has extra-ordinary goals, has been highly successful in the past, and will be successful in the future. That is, you are someone who will make a difference. For a candidate, the essays are an opportunity to present to the admissions officials relevant information and experiences that may not otherwise be included in the application form.

Definition of success varies, as it should, across individuals. The whole idea behind the iMahal Interviews is that success has many destinations and each destination has many paths. Our definition of success should not, and must not, be your definition of success. In your essay, you must not only articulate your definition of success but you should also be able to state why your definition is important to you and how an MBA from the prospective school would help you achieve your success. You essay should contain 2-4 succinct, thoughtful messages. Your argument should be analytical, and your writing coherent and free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

We are not in the business of writing essays for you or others, nor are we in the business of helping MBA candidates cheat on applications. You should write the essay on your own, as is expected of you. Good luck!

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