Dear Mentor:

Where can I get a masters without finishing my bachelors?

Can you please tell me any university that would give me admission in MCA [Master of Computer Applications]? I have completed graduation B.Com. (Pass Course) final year, except one paper in Cost & Stat. I don't hear about any university that gives admission in MCA without completed Graduation.

Unqualified Admission, Delhi, India

Dear Unqualified Admission:

Admission into a Master's degree, in any field, requires a Bachelor's degree in the same or related field. An MCA degree is no different; it requires a Bachelor's in any field with certain requirements for mathematics. While it may seem to you that you are only one course short of your Bachelor's degree, the fact is that you have not completed your Bachelor's degree. We can not recommend any university that would waive this fundamental educational requirement.

We suggest you finish your B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce, the first degree in Business) first. Only then you can enter a Master's program.

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