Dear Mentor:

Will experience compensate for a low GPA?

I am looking forward to do my MBA from top 6 European colleges. My profile is:
Working with Coca Cola India
Project manager - Information Systems
Total work experience: 7 Years
Entrepreneurial Experience: 3 years
Graduated in 1996 from Hindu College, DU in B.SC. (Honors) Statistics with GPA of 2.0/4.0
PGDiploma in BA: GPA 3.75/4.0
3 year advanced diploma from NIIT: GPA 3.5
Finance : Would require loan or scholarship
Do you think my low undergrad GPA could rule me out of contention or will my work experience compensate for it?

Ambition vs Reality, Delhi, India

Dear Ambition vs Reality:

Work experience as a part of the admission criteria for MBA is just one component. It offers insights into another dimension of an individual's potential for success. It is not a substitute or replacement for your academic performance.

Your undergraduate performance is a critical element of the decision-making process. Top MBA schools often do not even consider students with GPA below 3.5 or thereabouts. Even if you produce a high score on a standardized exam, such as the GMAT or GRE, your chances of being admitted are very low. Diplomas are not college or university education; thus, the performance on diplomas is interesting but not particularly relevant.

There is very little financial aid is available to international students for the MBA. And that which is available is very difficult to get.

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