Dear Mentor:

What steps should I take for the SAT?

I am a Trinidadian residing in Maryland. I would like to know the steps I would have to take in order to sit the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) examinations. I would also like to know the nearest exam facility and the next date for examinations.

SAT Steps, Largo, Maryland, USA

Dear SAT Steps:

The steps you should follow to take the SAT are:

  1. Decide when and where you will take the test.
  2. Study (very hard) for the test.

There are several sources to learn about the SAT:

The ETS designs, administers, and grades the SAT. The College Board (dot-org) is a non-profit association of 3,900 colleges that actually owns the SAT. It pays ETS to "do" the SAT. The College Board (dot-com) makes money by selling books and services to help students prepare for the SAT.

It is our understanding that the ETS sets the few days each year when the SAT is given. The ETS does not operate test centers. It typically works with the thousands of schools around the country to provide the place where people show up to take the test. The ETS and College Board websites list the few dates each year when the SAT is given. To find a test center, we recommend you ask your teachers or guidance counselors about where the SAT will be given.

Also, in the iMahal Education Channel, you can find SAT Guru, an interactive word game to learn the difficult vocabulary words tested in the SAT.

Good luck on the test!

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