Dear Mentor:

With my MD from India, do I need the USMLE in the US?

I have completed my M.D. (Medicine) from India. Will I need to do the USMLE [US Medical Licensing Exam] and 3 years of training all over again? Are there programs in which I can do a fellowship - e.g. in hematology - after the USMLE but without repeating 3 years in medicine?

IMG in US, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Dear IMG in US:

You are considered an IMG (International Medical Graduate) in the US, because you are a physician who graduated from a medical school outside of the United States. Completion of the USMLE is a requirement, along with residency, for an IMG to obtain a license to practice medicine in the US. Requirements vary somewhat across various states in the US.

For further information, we direct your attention to the American Medical Association website for information on: the certification process for IMGs, immigration information, applying for a residency position, residency position vacancies, and state licensing requirements for IMGs.

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