Dear Mentor:

When is your next Essay Contest?

As a former teacher, I read with great interest your page on the iMahal Internet Essay Contest. I was wondering how many entries you received for the contest. Also, are you planning to launch another one? Many thanks.

Curious about Contests, Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA

Dear Curious about Contests:

As you may have found out from the iMahal website, the iMahal Essay Contest was conducted in the last quarter of year 2000 and we declared the winners in the first quarter of 2001. We intend to conduct such contests in the future in our quest to promote education and success. However, we have been severely challenged by the dotcom meltdown. We finance the development, operation, and maintenance of iMahal ourselves, without any outside support. Rest assured, we shall be back with future contests as soon as the financial and market situation permits.

We are afraid that we can not divulge the actual number of entries received for our year 200 Essay Contest. We have posted some Selected Essay Contest Entries on iMahal.

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