Dear Mentor:

Where can I get maximum funds for my MS in engineering?

I have done chemical engineering from the Punjab Technical University in India. I am preparing for the GRE [Graduate Record Exam] and TOEFL [Test of English as a Foreign Language]. I want to do an MS in Chemical Engineering. So kindly provide me the list of universities where such course is conducted and where I can get maximum funds for my post graduation.

Money Schools, Punjab, India

Dear Money Schools:

We are assuming that you want to get your MS in the US or Canada, or at least not in India because you are taking the GRE and TOEFL and seeking financial assistance. The iMahal Education Channel contains the List of Engineering Colleges in the US and the List of Engineering Colleges in Canada.

The US and Canada do not have specific universities that are good candidates for "maximum funds" for candidates at large; and, thus, there is no such list. The process for financial aid is competitive and schools offer aid to the most qualified candidates. Key determinants for the grant of aid are your academic performance and your performance on the GRE, a standardized entrance exam.

Getting admission is much easier than obtaining financial aid. A fraction of those offered admission are offered financial aid. You should select target schools where you are likely to be most competitive for not only admission but also for financial aid. After taking the GRE, you can use the iMahal College Finder in the iMahal Education Channel to find colleges that best match your performance and needs.

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