Dear Mentor:

What are my chances of H1-B as an MBA brand manager?

I am working for the largest multinational FMCG company in Pakistan as a brand manager. I have 6 years of brand management experience, post my MBA in Marketing. Now I am looking for employment in a Fortune 500 company or big multinationals within the US in brand management. I do not have an H1 visa. How would you rate my chances and do you think my ambitions are realistic enough?

Managing A Brand in US, Karachi, Pakistan

Dear Managing A Brand in US:

Your record is quite impressive indeed!

You chances of obtaining an H1-B visa as a highly skilled temporary worker in the US are not very good, but we will not say that you do not have a chance. Your goals are ambitious but not entirely unrealistic. It will be an uphill task, and here is the reason. You must find an employment offer from a US employer who is willing to sponsor you for the H1-B visa. It is an expensive, time-consuming, legal, and bureaucratic process. The US employers wish to go through the process only when they can not find the talent locally. The US has a fair number of MBAs who would be more than willing to accept employment in brand management.

Your best bet is to explore employment opportunities with your current multinational employer. Your employer may have the need for talent such as yours. Your employer already knows your skill, abilities, and experience and may have the need for such talent in the US.

You can also explore opportunities with Fortune 500 companies. They all have extensive websites where they post job openings. You can also go through some jobsites on the Web, such as those listed in the Jobsite Links of the iMahal Careers Channel.

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