Dear Mentor:

What are my job prospects in network administration?

I'm working as a network administrator in a US based software firm. I have completed my B.Sc. in Computer Science and the GNIIT program from NIIT. I just want to know the job prospects for me if I stick to network administration. I also do programming in Java/Perl, apart from administration work. I work on Linux.

Job Prospects in the US, Bangalore, India

Dear Job Prospects in the US:

We are not sure what you do within the umbrella of network administration. The whole area of computer networks - anywhere from design to implementation to maintenance - is growing rapidly and will continue to do so, notwithstanding the current global slowdown in technology. Whether it is a good field for you or whether you personally have good prospects in the field really depends on your current projected track of progress and your personal ambitions and goals.

We suspect that you are asking about your job prospects in the US. One must have what is called "highly specialized skills" to become a temporary foreign worker in the US. The fundamental requirement is that one must have at least 4 year of college education that is deemed equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in the US. If your B.Sc. is of 3-year duration, you do not meeting a basic requirement. Even if you have the educational requirement, you are simply eligible for a job in the US on a temporary worker visa. It does not guarantee an offer of such a visa. You must obtain an offer for employment from a US employer first, and the employer must also be willing to sponsor you for an H1-B visa (temporary work visa for the US).

Your best bet might be to explore opportunities with your current employer for employment in the US. Or else, you will have to find a job with an employer who is willing to sponsor you for the H1-B visa. Employers search for the local talent first before importing temporary workers, because the process is bureaucratic and time-consuming. You can visit the iMahal Careers Channel to find useful Jobsite Links. You can also search the Web for job classifieds and other sources of job postings.

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