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Can I transfer credits to a Canadian business college?

I am studying in Pakistan in B.B.A. at Isra University. Can I transfer my credits to any university in Toronto, Canada without taking any test like TOFEL [Test of English as Foreign Language] or GMAT [Graduate Management Aptitude Test]? Which are these universities?

Transferring Credits, Pakistan

Dear Transferring Credits:

We do not quite understand your situation and the reasons for your peculiar question. Toronto does not have certain universities that specialize in transferring credits from schools in Pakistan, or for that matter in any other country including Canada itself. Each university, to which you wish to be admitted or are admitted, conducts its own evaluation to determine whether the courses for which you are requesting a transfer of credits are equivalent to the courses it offers, and whether these courses are a part of your curriculum. Most universities impose a minimum residency requirement - read, minimum number of credits that you must complete at the university you are attending - to obtain a degree. Even if the courses were deemed equivalent, no university would typically waive more than one-year worth of credits.

You can find the List of Colleges in Canada in the iMahal Education section. There you will find the list of colleges in Ontario. Toronto is located in the Province of Ontario.

If you are applying for an undergraduate (Bachelor's) program, you would be required to take the TOEFL, a standardized entrance exam. If you are applying for the MBA program, you would be required to take the GMAT. If you are thinking of applying to an MBA program, please understand that it is extremely unlikely that the credits earned for a BBA program in Pakistan can be transferred to a Canadian MBA program.

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