Dear Mentor:

Do I need the GED to gain admission in the US?

I'm from India. I have recently came to the U.S.A, after completing my 12th in India. I want to know whether I can join a college in the U.S.A, without taking G.E.D. Also give me detailed information about G.E.D.

New and Ready, La Jolla,CA, U.S.A

Dear New and Ready:

Welcome to the sunny and beautiful California! We are just a few hundred miles north of you in San Francisco, California. La Jolla is a great place, with sunshine and nice beaches - you should enjoy it! And of course, Mexico is just down the street from you!

The short answer to your question is: No. You do not need the GED (General Education Development) Test, a standardized test, to enter a college in the US. Thus, no details on GED are necessary. The GED Test is appropriate for those who have not graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma. Your high school education from India is at least as good as, if not superior to, the high school education in the US. Colleges in the US readily acknowledge this fact.

To enter a Bachelor's degree program in the US, you do need to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test, a standardized entrance exam) or ACT (American College Test, a standardized entrance exam). The iMahal Education section offers Information on Entrance Exams. From there, you can reach the websites of companies that conduct these exams. You can also use the iMahal SAT Guru and iMahal Write Guru, interactive online learning services, to prepare for the SAT and ACT. You can also walk down to the nearest bookstore or a library to find study guides for the SAT and ACT.

You can use the List of US Colleges in the iMahal Education section to research prospective colleges. The iMahal College Finder can identify colleges that best match your performance and needs.

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