Dear Mentor:

What are the entrance exams for the MBA?

I am doing second year B.Com. [Bachelor of Commerce, the first degree in Business] and my future plan is to do an MBA, but I don't know from which institute I shall do it. Also, I don't know the dates of entrance exams, so kindly tell me this. I'll start working for it now onwards. Thanking you.

MBA from Anywhere, Location Unknown

Dear MBA from Anywhere:

Your question while sincere is rather vague. The world has thousands of academic institutions for MBA education. The entrance exam requirements vary across countries, let alone across academic institutions. We are glad that you have narrowed your degree choice to MBA, but you have to narrow down the world to at most a handful of countries.

Our geographic focus at iMahal is on the US, UK, India, and Canada. You can find general information on entrance exams in the iMahal Education section. The typical entrance exam requirements for MBA in the US, UK, and Canada are the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) and TOEFEL (Test of English as Foreign Language). You have to research individual schools of interest for specific requirements. You can take standardized entrance exams like the GMAT and TOEFL pretty much anytime, so long as you pay the fee and follow the required process. These often-computerized tests are offered in many countries around the world.

The situation is quite different for India. MBA schools in India typically offer their own unique entrance exams. The actual exam content and questions, exam dates and locations vary across schools.

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